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Promoting luxury over promotions.

Founded in 1885, Turnbull & Asser (T&A) is a British shirtmaker and Royal Warrant holder. Creating luxurious shirts and ties in their English workrooms, the T&A team pride themselves in retaining talented craftspeople with traditional skills.

Performance marketing success previously had largely rested on the promotion of sales, a tactic Turnbull & Asser wanted to move away from to avoid devaluing the brand.

Primary goals.

  • Retain revenue figures
  • Retain ROAS
  • Increase new users

What we did.

We pivoted activity to focus on smaller capsule launches and also highlighted various perks and USPs, such as high-quality materials, free shipping and returns, handmade in the UK, and 130+ years’ experience.

We knew that stopping sales promotions within ads and pushing full price products would have impact on overall sales volume and revenue. To combat this, our new strategy needed to first drive awareness of the quality and heritage behind T&A to build desire prior to serving the product ads.

We utilised creative that told the brand story and accentuated the luxury feel of the product. We ran a workshop session to talk through the different types of media and product shots that work for ads to help feed into the creative briefs for shoots. We also tested multiple versions of creative across video, static imagery and stories to ensure best cut through with our target demographics and fed findings back into T&A’s creative team. For example, full outfit images perform better than single items.

The brand campaign was promoted across Instagram, Facebook & Google Ads, with spend significantly increasing on social compared with the same period in the previous year.

We featured the brand story videos alongside seasonal campaigns, which told more detail on the story behind creation. In addition, we targeted previous visitors/purchasers and created lookalike audiences from these groups. We maintained a strong paid search presence across Brand keywords, aided by our restructure of Brand campaigns.

Driving international scale.

With the Global-E rollout, a complete restructure on existing brand campaigns was needed during the launch of this activity. The team ensured no locations overlapped and condensed campaigns into the following areas: UK, USA, Europe, Asia & Oceania, Australia, Americas. Over 100 new countries/territories were added during this restructure, all needing to connect with new messaging around brand over promotion.

Crafted image

Smarter audience targeting.

Segment research using Ometria and Quantcast helped inform audience targeting choices in both search and social campaigns.

We added in new audience segments from insights, with bid adjustments to capture those with relevant interests in luxury goods. These included luxury shoppers, men’s apparel, suits & business attire, as well as more granular audiences for specific ad groups.

Spreading the word on social.

The social advertising strategy took a similar approach, targeting previous visitors/purchasers and lookalikes of these, alongside custom interest-based audiences around the luxury sector and relevant brands.


The results Aug-Oct YOY.

  • Revenue increased 118%
  • ROAS remained consistent
  • New users increased across all channels by 96%
  • Paid advertising is now the leading channel for online revenue

Paid advertising success for retailers doesn't need to rely on sales and discount messaging. Focusing on USPs and brand stories can be just as impactful in reaching new audiences and encouraging conversions.

Working with the team at Crafted has been an easy and fluid process. Crafted manage to combine expertise with clear communication in a way that means everyone in the team at Turnbull can understand and get onboard.

Ed Walsh, Turnbull & Asser