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84% increase in online bookings

Invigorating brand identity.

Lifehouse Spa & Hotel is an award winning, contemporary health spa, offering unique, life-enriching experiences, tailor-made for every type of guest.

Crafted transformed the Lifehouse online presence, creating a perfectly balanced visual identity and a completely redesigned website. 

Crafted image

The previous identity struggled to represent the Lifehouse experience and wasn’t flexible enough to cater for their varied customer types. 

Crafted image

The new identity operates across three clear areas: Wellness, Indulgence, and Corporate, allowing a tailored experience for each group within the confines of the overarching identity. 

Crafted image

The brand has been rolled out offline across the spa and digitally via the new responsive website, suitably reflecting the luxurious experiences available at Lifehouse. The results are clear, with online bookings increasing by 84%.

Crafted screen shot

The results.
Faster pages.
43% increase in page load speed
More traffic.
11% increase in online traffic
More bookings.
84% increase in online bookings

Working with Crafted has been a joy, the smoothest website launch I’ve ever had and I’ve worked on a few! The team were on hand throughout to respond to any issues and their support has been fantastic ever since.

Steffi Dry, Lifehouse Spa & Hotel