Reinventing fine wine online

A modern eCommerce site for the fine wine arm of Majestic Wines

Lay & Wheeler have been trading fine wine with knowledge and passion for 160 years. A commitment to delivering the best wine paired with exceptional client service has remained constant since their 19th Century beginnings. 


Our task was to design and build a modern eCommerce website, showcasing the Lay & Wheeler brand to a younger audience, new to fine wine, without alienating their existing customer base. As well as full-feature eCommerce functionality, the website allows customers to trade wine from their own cellars or buy wine to be cellared by Lay & Wheeler. This, alongside accommodating the different needs of novices and experts, presented some interesting design challenges. In order to create a fully considered plan for the new website and aid decision making we carried out extensive research to understand the business and the audience. A blend of usability, customer research and data insight techniques fed directly into the design of the new site. The result? A website that exceeded expectations and broke online sales records in its launch month. 





The results

More online orders

65% of orders now online

More sales

Beat sales targets in 2 weeks

Better results

Best sales results in 7 years

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The business of fine wine is rife with complexity, and slow to change. Which is why, when we began working with Crafted to ideate and deliver a new website to replace our existing one which was out of date, we knew we were in good hands. Working together since 2014, Crafted work closely with us on all aspects of digital marketing, and we're now looking at further enhancements to improve the customer experience. Katy Anderson
Managing Director - Lay & Wheeler

 Formed over 160 years ago, Lay & Wheeler are the fine wine division of the Majestic Group