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61% increase in global traffic.

Love Organic.

Frugi started its story in 2004 when founders Lucy and Kurt struggled to find clothing to fit over their son’s cloth-nappies. Since then, the retailer has built its reputation as one of the UK’s leading sustainable childrenswear brands.

Frugi brought Crafted on board to deliver a digital strategy across paid and organic channels. From the first meeting, it was clear that both Crafted and Frugi shared similar business values. Each with strong credentials in charity giving and sustainable business.

Primary Goals.

  • Increase search visibility and brand awareness
  • Improve online sales from both existing and new customers

Little Clothes, Big Growth.

At the start of the relationship Black Friday and Christmas were fast approaching…

We created an integrated channel plan across paid advertising, content, SEO, and outreach. For the organic team, this included search trends, gap, and opportunity analysis along with deep dive keyword and competitor research across current website visibility. When it came to on-page SEO analysis and recommendations, we carried out a feasibility assessment along with an audit across collection products, collection category pages, and related blog content.

From a paid perspective, we postponed a full restructure of the ad account, and instead adopted best practice across existing campaigns, while adding new targeting approaches, campaign types, and channels to increase reach and traffic volume.

When preparing for Black Friday, Christmas, and January sales, careful scheduling and brand bidding considerations were put in place, while ad formats, media, and messaging were changed to reflect different sales and gift-giving periods. Over the key three-month period transactions rocketed by 68% year-on-year.

Following a successful festive period, the team set its mind to delivering Frugi’s next level of growth.

Paid search was used to kickstart international growth. Resellers were already dominating the SERPs in other countries, so we initially focused our PPC expansion on brand terms to gain market share.

Our Facebook Marketing Partnership helped us unlock the paid social opportunity. The campaign focused on prospecting and reaching new users through tiered-targeting levels from extremely broad, to narrow lookalikes. Remarketing campaigns encouraged conversions from those new users, with tailored ad copy and dynamic creative. Phased messaging and budgets allowed us to drive a strong ROI (10:1 all in) and encourage a higher proportion of conversions where availability and margins were greater.

A Summer of Scillyness.

We created several more tactical SEO campaigns to help achieve the goal of driving brand presence, organic visibility and increased sales.

Unveiled in 2019, the new Spring/Summer collection was called ‘Summer of Scillyness’. Frugi sent its design team to the beautiful Isles of Scilly to help inspire the colours, motifs, and imagery of the new collection. Frugi tasked Crafted with delivering its first fully integrated collection launch with SEO at its heart.

We created content that engaged with existing and potential brand advocates to drive greater brand searches and referral traffic. Outreach consisted of competitor brand mentions analysis and the creation of media lists covering lifestyle, mummy, family, and local news websites.

The initial launch gained coverage across a multitude of sites. Pinterest saw a surge of engagement as parents pinned the new outfits to their fashion aspiration boards and the hashtag #summerofscillyness on Twitter gained impressive traction. The ‘Summer of Scillyness’ collection launch video was also a hit, gaining over 90,000 organic views on YouTube. Organic transactions increased by 55% across the collection following the campaign.

Since joining, Crafted have delivered impressive revenue growth and exceeded our targets for new customer acquisition. We're now using channels and techniques that were previously unexplored. Most importantly, we've also managed new feats like achieving our most successful collection video yet.

Results year-on-year.
Expanding reach.
61% increase in global traffic
Engaging with new audiences.
21% increase in new customers
Growing social acquisition.
173% increase in revenue from Facebook
Driving return through digital.
91% increase in ROI across all paid channels
Improved SEO presence.
25% increase in organic traffic
More organic sales.
24% increase in organic revenue