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76% increase in organic traffic.

SEO: Building new careers in construction.

The Go Construct website was launched by the CITB in 2015. It aims to showcase the diverse range of careers within construction and to provide engaging, useful content to encourage people into the industry.

With SEO identified as a key opportunity for growth, Crafted was introduced into the CITB by its creative agency Borne, a long-term agency partner of the construction group. Borne’s understanding of the CITB and its challenges gave the Crafted team a solid foundation to build the SEO strategy.

Challenges & Brief.

The CITB is an authoritative voice in its industry. However, the Go Construct website had little previous SEO investment and wasn’t reaching those audience groups actively turning to search to guide their career paths in construction.

We needed to create an SEO strategy to position Go Construct as the go-to website for construction-related career advice. It had to connect with its key audience groups, which include:

  • School-leavers & graduates
  • Career advisors/teachers
  • Parents
  • Career-changers, ex-military and those returning to work in the industry

Key goals.

  • Understand the current recruitment landscape
  • Improve organic visibility, traffic, and website engagement across key target audience groups
  • Understand user behaviour more clearly
  • Implement enhanced reporting to accurately measure Go Construct’s website performance for its various stakeholders

What we did.

The first task? A full analysis of where Go Construct sat within the recruitment landscape, and where competitors were gaining traction through organic search. This involved benchmarking current performance, full competitor analysis and identifying opportunities for Go Construct. We utilised several tools provided by our software partners to identify industry trends and search behaviour. Combining this data with 1st party analytics and on-site search queries gave us a clear understanding of the direction the SEO project should take.

With over 170 job role pages on the site, we saw huge potential in restructuring and rewriting the pages to better target search intent. We also highlighted the opportunity to improve visibility using schema markup for both occupations and FAQs.

Our content restructuring tactic involved targeting terms with high search volumes, together with a high potential to be shown in featured snippets and People Also Ask queries. One of the clearest examples of this was the introduction of ‘job description’ related terms, which across Go Construct’s job roles, has an average monthly search volume of nearly 40,000.

The need for additional new content was identified, particularly ‘apprenticeships’ which has a monthly search volume of around 300,000.

Revamped reporting.

Business success for Go Construct all hinged on how well audiences were engaging with the website content.

With only basic reporting in place, we revamped interaction tracking across the site and built a custom Data Studio dashboard. The new dashboard takes complex and layered data sources and presents them in a refreshingly simple interface.

This goes beyond highlighting the value of SEO. It offers insight into changing search behaviour, performance across multiple channels and, in the future, it aims to work as a standalone insight tool for all Go Construct’s contributing members.

Gaining visibility.

The restructuring and rewriting of the key job role pages, together with the implementation of schema markup, has led to significant improvements in organic visibility and traffic.

We acquired high-value featured snippets:

Crafted image

The FAQ schema implementation also resulted in more than 450 search terms now returning FAQs within the search results:

Crafted image

In addition, for the first time, Go Construct is also ranking within Google's job search listings.

The results.
Improving SERP visibility.
73% increase in keywords on page one
Attracting the right audiences.
234% increase in site users aged 18-24 with an 82% increase in female visitors
Reaching more users.
76% increase in overall organic traffic
Showcasing new careers.
175% increase in organic traffic to job role pages

Crafted has been instrumental in helping to get our website in order and formulating a robust SEO strategy where we have seen rapid progress in a matter of months, bringing in record numbers of organic traffic to site. The team are a delight to work with, very proactive and it’s great to work with such a results-driven agency.

Helen Sutton, CITB