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Software that solves challenges.

You’ve identified a need for custom software, now comes the easy part. You can rest assured as our .Net developers start from the ground up, creating software that meets your needs. Usability, security, and performance create the basis of your project.

Planning, creation, testing, maintaining.

Our strategy team love to solve challenges and exceed expectations. With experts in planning, design and development, we’ll support you from ideation to maintenance and any future enhancements.

We create custom web applications hosted in your preferred environment. With responsive design and internet based systems, your staff can be freed from the physical restraints of the workplace.

Throw your challenges our way and let’s plan how we can improve business performance and accelerate productivity.


Third-party integrations.

We are all too aware of the benefit that can be felt through streamlining online systems.

Using third-party system integration, our developers can create a number of secure connections that synchronise with external systems, allowing our clients to manage tasks from a single source.

We extend functionality far beyond an off-the-shelf package, through bespoke third-party integration with back office systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions, payment processing and shipping platforms.

From simple integration requirements to full digital transformation fuelled by extensive third-party integrations, we can help make your systems work more effectively together.


Intranet and extranet solutions.

Fast, reliable and accessible worldwide. We help you connect to your customers, partners and employees. We understand your individual needs to deliver a platform that makes you wonder how you ever managed before.

Bring your teams together with seamless digital portals. We’re experienced in using single sign-on (SSO) authentication, helping your wider community to login easily without the need to remember endless usernames and passwords.

With constant business change we provide the tools to update your intranet with ease. Our developers use flexible CMS’ such as Kentico to provide simple and efficient content editing. We take the stress out of updating staff directories and uploading new files.

Function-first, we can enhance your solution to work within existing interfaces, such as payroll, booking and HR systems.

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