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A top ten Kentico partner at your service.

A fully tailored CMS that is fast, easy to use and secure. Doesn’t that sound nice? As a long standing Kentico Gold Partner, we’ve got a proven track record of delivering enterprise level CMS systems. By carefully considering your website manager’s needs, we’ll create an intuitive CMS experience providing a refreshing level of efficiency.

Pushing the boundaries is Crafted’s comfort zone. So it’s no wonder we enjoy Kentico’s highly configurable CMS platform. It enables our developers to build systems that meet your exact needs.

From UK intranets to global multi-lingual websites, we develop high-performance Kentico solutions that are scalable.

Kentico Fact Sheet:

  • 48 websites created
  • 19 case studies published
  • 7 certified developers
  • 8 sites of the month
  • 1 site of the year


EMS Capabilities

It’s time to take the next step.

We craft persona-driven segmentation, personalisation and lead scoring through the Enterprise Management Solution (EMS) within Kentico 12. Our consultants identify the opportunities EMS provides for your individual needs and our development team handle the technical execution. What impact could EMS have on your marketing?


Competencies acquired

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Development and Integration
  • E-commerce competency
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This was an expansive brief – to unite our online brand presence across more than 150 countries, in eleven languages, in one global responsive website. The result is a stunning-looking site and a first-class user experience.