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Adding the party to third-party integrations.

We’ve got previous … in easing your workloads by streamlining online systems.

Using third-party system integration, our developers can create a number of secure connections that synchronise with external systems, allowing our clients to manage tasks from a single source.

We extend functionality far beyond an off-the-shelf package, through bespoke third-party integration with back office systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions, payment processing and shipping platforms.

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From simple integration requirements to full digital transformation fueled by extensive third-party integrations, we can help make your systems work more effectively together.

Our iWave intranet has been met by an enthusiastic response from teams within our HQ and drivers on the road, and that's thanks in no small part to Crafted’s hard work to produce a technically sophisticated and user-friendly system that exactly meets the requirements of our brief.

Tim Goddard, Maritime Transport