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Digital consultants providing actionable insight.

Do you ever question whether your marketing strategy is delivering to its fullest potential? Perhaps you feel that a second opinion and some fresh thinking might provide the reassurance you’re looking for?

When it comes to strategy we help brands define the new and refine the current. So whether you’re looking for greater strength to drive even better results, or some much needed assistance to make the hot topic 'digital transformation’ become a reality, we have the skills and expertise to take you where you need to go.


Digital Audits.

Objectivity only!

Guesswork, gut-feel, conjecture, assumption. These aren’t words in our dictionary. Good digital marketing relies on facts, evidence and data. Tangible elements that guide our thinking, shape our strategies and inspire confidence. You’ll know it’s the right thing to do because the facts don’t lie. And you’ll know you’re in good hands because we can show you results.

So many of our projects start with an audit. Whether it’s design, development or online marketing, understanding where you’re at right now allows us to identify weaknesses and discover opportunities that inform the way forward.



Digital consultants providing actionable insight.

With team backgrounds ranging from statistician to physicist, our digital consultants help you answer the tough marketing questions.

Insight projects answer a variety of challenges. From supporting evidence for strategic direction and five-year plans, to tactical decisions and channel specific understanding.

We’ve helped clients navigate challenges for over a decade. Common themes for insight projects include:

  • Are we investing in the right channels and in the most effective ratios?
  • If we need to drive growth, where should we increase investment?
  • What are our competitors doing differently to us and are we missing opportunities?
  • Are we attributing marketing results correctly?
  • Does our audience understanding accurately represent our customer base?

Insights projects help you take a pivotal step towards better digital marketing.



Getting more from your customer acquisition.

CRO at Crafted is about more than just maximising conversion rate. It’s about improving the customer journey from start to finish.

We know that updating your site may not be easy. We evaluate the cost and difficulty of implementing CRO changes against their value. With this information we’ll create a short and long term plan to help you drive more from your sites visitors.

Best Use of Data
for Preferred Hotels and Resorts.

By interrogating our online data, Crafted's Insights and Online Marketing Team has shaped an aggressive digital strategy which is facilitating our rapid growth by driving bookings and ensuring search engine visibility.

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