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Digital consultants providing actionable insight.

With team backgrounds ranging from statistician to physicist, our digital consultants help you answer the tough marketing questions.

Insight projects answer a variety of challenges. From supporting evidence for strategic direction and five-year plans, to tactical decisions and channel specific understanding.

We’ve helped clients navigate challenges for over a decade. Common themes for insight projects include:

  • Are we investing in the right channels and in the most effective ratios?
  • If we need to drive growth, where should we increase investment?
  • What are our competitors doing differently to us and are we missing opportunities?
  • Are we attributing marketing results correctly?
  • Does our audience understanding accurately represent our customer base?

Taking a pivotal step towards better digital marketing.

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Effective strategies start with accurate and meaningful insight. Our insight projects don’t follow a 100-point checklist, they are built around the components you need to make marketing decisions with complete confidence.

We deliver standalone insight projects or ongoing insight support, guiding a digital transformation, CRO or digital strategy project.

Get the right answers to those difficult marketing questions; let's start the conversation.

Best Use of Data
for Preferred Hotels and Resorts.

By interrogating our online data, Crafted's Insights and Online Marketing Team has shaped an aggressive digital strategy which is facilitating our rapid growth by driving bookings and ensuring search engine visibility.

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