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BrightonSEO. A Crafted perspective

16 Crafties and 5 brand marketers at one of the UK’s largest search marketing events. From developers to digital marketing managers, we've summarised our key BrightonSEO takeaways from a powerful mix of perspectives.

Featured snippets were a hot topic at this year’s conference and it’s no surprise given their increasing presence in SERPs (a study of 1 million keywords in 2017 found 31% triggered featured snippets) and the role they play in voice search.

I’ve been interested in the volition of featured snippets and we’re actively analysing this across a range of industry verticals for which our clients appear. With the rise of voice search, featured snippets will only become more important, and we’re researching ways to deliver more commercial benefit to our clients.


Using machine learning to build audience-led analytics was a highlight. It showed how important the right attribution model is for your business and the impact it could have on your data and reporting, depending on the model.

The talk focussed on audience-led data to better target customers and how machine learning can help a business achieve it, at the same time indicating the limitations of machine learning as we currently know it.

Tying these together, the talk discussed multi-channel marketing strategies and how to make the best use of those through constant and good quality data analysis.

As an in-house marketer, I found it absolutely fascinating and an insight into some of the work we’ve recently completed with the team at Crafted.


One of my favourite talks discussed using the Limbic Map of the brain to satisfy searcher’s emotional goals to drive traffic and conversion improvements. Fresh from recently reading ‘The Design of Everyday Things’, I have been eager to explore empathic design further, and utilising a Limbic Map is both relatively straightforward and highly informative.

You can build a better picture of what drives the decision-making process for potential customers. The process itself helps in developing hypotheses that can be tested within Ad messaging, Title, Meta tags and page content such as USP’s / key messaging.

It’s becoming ever more vital to satisfy users, not only when they visit a website, but also to drive traffic from SERP’s across ads and organic results.


Unofficial Facebook location pages have been a pain point for many brands, although it’s often left untouched.

Working with multi-location retail and travel clients here at Crafted, it’s always been crucial for us to get the location hierarchy and management right for clients on Facebook and Google My Business. It’s more difficult to tackle Fake Location Pages on Facebook than Google, however, if brands don’t address this issue, fake pages will absorb a big proportion of traffic and user interaction, taking it away from the original brand pages.

Consumers interact on their own terms; provide the official platforms for them to do so and they’ll reward your brand with better engagement and more exposure.


It’s great to get confirmation that our techniques and practices are ahead of the curve to deliver websites which are fast, informative and relevant for clients, their customers and search engines.

At Crafted, developers and search technicians work together to deliver this throughout a project’s life.

The significant updates Google makes (like the mobile-first index) means an SEO-centric development team is a real strength, which is why I love getting out to events like BrightonSEO.


Content is always high on the agenda at BrightonSEO, but this year the role of social content took centre stage for many talks.

It’s all too easy to blast comms across all channels regardless of key considerations such as audience variations, time or content format.

As consumers’ expectations of personalisation rise, so too must the quality and execution of a brand’s content across social—something we’re working closely with our clients to achieve.

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