We’re experts in delivering multi-lingual digital marketing campaigns, having managed PPC and display advertising campaigns across more than 25 countries.

Yandex operates the largest search engine in Russia with an audience of over 89% of Russian internet users as well as operating in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey. 

Combined with the Yandex Advertising Network, comprising thousands of high-quality sites reaching an additional 34 million users in Russia, Yandex offers advertisers the unique opportunity to tap into a Russian online audience unrivalled in size.

Yandex is also Google’s main competitor in other CIS countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan), with market share varying from 25% to 40% across countries.

Our Yandex accredited professionals will help you start using Yandex’s ad tools with confidence — or take your expertise to the next level.

Certified Yandex Experts

We know how to introduce your company into the Russian market. Crafted's inhouse certified Yandex Experts are not only multilingual but have unique local market knowledge, expertise in Yandex Direct and experience of running comprehensive PPC campaigns on Yandex in Russia and other CIS markets.

Successful international marketing campaigns rely on engaging multi-lingual or culturally adapted content and creative that suits the varying needs and expectations of your audience. We work with you to understand and define clear campaign objectives that inform messaging and define standard reporting metrics across markets.

Our continuous ad improvement uses data to pinpoint areas for refinement and expansion using highly optimised campaign targeting, strengthening their overall global communications and having an immediate impact on our clients' bottom lines.