Web application development

Web applications deliver online solutions to your business problems. Stored on the internet, or hosted internally on secure networks, web apps can create new opportunities for your business by refining key organisational functions.

We develop applications that run on the latest web technologies, providing feature-rich, responsive apps that are easy to use and that save you money by creating business efficiencies.

Many of our clients have exacting requirements, so we design and build bespoke web apps that put them in complete control of their business processes, differentiating them from their competitors.

Project discovery

Our kick-off workshops provide us with a detailed understanding of your business challenges, ensuring we build the best possible digital solution to tackles those issues head-on.

Iterative design process

Our developers work closely with our design team to focus on user experience and create an interface that looks and feels a part of your brand. The initial wireframe process is iterative, allowing for client input, as is the visual design stage.

Bespoke development

We develop bespoke web-based solutions that replace outdated legacy systems that are no longer fit for purpose. We automate manual business processes, driving efficiency and allowing you to scale your business. We can integrate multiple external systems into your applications.

Why appoint us?

Experience Better agency relations

– we value long-term trusted partnerships, not short-term vanity

Our results-focussed approach

delivers profitable online customer experiences; every strategy is aligned with your business metrics

We know what works;

we’ve been solving marketing challenges for brands since 2005

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Crafted has created a robust and intuitive platform that integrates with our existing software and has the ability to adapt as our business needs and those of our clients change. The interface has already been rolled out across two territories as part of an ongoing phased global release. David Johnson
Director Solutions Management, MSX International

Global strategic solutions for the automotive industry, across 80 countries and 5,500 employees