Third-party system integration

One of the biggest challenges successful, growing companies face is the integration and streamlining of their online systems, whilst delivering an overall view of the customer. Our developers utilise the built-in integration module in the Kentico CMS to join the dots.

Using third-party system integration, our developers can create a number of secure connections that synchronise with external systems, allowing our clients to manage tasks from a single source.

For brands looking to combine their content management platform with third-party software, such as CRM, fulfilment and marketing automation systems, we complete customer pipelines to solve business problems and transform digital ROI.

Adding commercial value

Our bespoke third-party integration with back office systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions, payment processing and shipping platforms, streamlines business operations by extending functionality far beyond an off-the-shelf package.

Kentico Gold Partner

As a Gold Partner, we even have the capability to customise the .NET base code to replace standard Kentico features with bespoke or third-party components.

Fault tolerant

We mitigate business risk for our clients by developing fault-tolerant ways to integrate third-party systems that maintain operations in the event of system or hardware problems.

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Crafted has created a robust and intuitive platform that integrates with our existing software and has the ability to adapt as our business needs and those of our clients change. The interface has already been rolled out across two territories as part of an ongoing phased global release. David Johnson
Director Solutions Management, MSX International

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