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Is your website looking tired, dated and out of step with your business? Representing your brand online is critical for any modern business. Our team of designers combines creativity and insight, crafting beautiful websites that drive business success online.

At Crafted we design better digital experiences, full stop. We're on the agency roster of companies large and small who trust us to deliver engaging brochure sites, online shop fronts and integrated web platforms that are on-brand, communicate their story, and that turn visitors into customers.

Brochure websites

Websites are the first line of engagement for modern businesses. Within a matter of seconds, they need to communicate who you are, what you do, how you do it and why you are the best. Crafted design high-impact, websites that deliver online success through increased conversion, ROI and engagement.

eCommerce websites

eCommerce is more than just a well-dressed shop window. Converting traffic to sales requires more than just a slick design. Insight helps us to build an in-depth picture of your customers' online behavior, creating a solid foundation to inspire the design process. Crafted eCommerce solutions are secure, beautifully designed to meet your customers needs and perfectly position your products for purchase.


Crafted only design responsive websites. Why? Because your customers shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than perfect. Modern users demand a tailored experience, wherever they are, whatever they are doing and increasingly they will visit on a variety of devices. Our websites work across any device, so your brand is always presented impeccably.

An informed approach

Our designers work closely with our awesome in-house Insights team to make sure decisions are based on real life data and analytics. We then test those decisions to make sure our assumptions are correct. The result? Websites that are designed to perform beautifully.

Why appoint us?

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This was an expansive brief – to unite our online brand presence across more than 150 countries, in eleven languages, in one global responsive website. The result is a stunning-looking site and a first-class user experience for both our global customer base and our staff, with the Kentico CMS making it easy to upload and approve content in any one of our 450 offices. Crafted has truly set the benchmark for websites in the freight sector, both in terms of design and functionality. Joe Cook
Director of Global Marketing & Communications - MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company

Global container shipping line with more than 60,000 employees across 150 countries