Intranet & Extranet Design

A Crafted intranet or extranet solution drives business efficiency and collaboration, helping you to achieve your business goals.

If you build an intranet people will use it. Well maybe, assuming that you asked the right people the right questions at the outset, otherwise it might just gather dust. Crafted's approach to intranet and extranet projects is to gather insight and build internal advocacy. Working with stakeholders from all levels of your business to define features and functionality, builds a group of engaged internal advocates who help promote and support your new intranet.

Providing business efficiency

Intranets and extranets should be an asset to your business, driving efficiency and collaboration. Basically, it should make everyone’s day a lot easier! We identify current pain points, needs and business goals - both present and aspirational - to design, insightful, useful and intuitive solutions that empower employees, support your clients and transform your business.  

Increase engagement

Employee engagement is never guaranteed, so how do you engage with the disengaged? Providing genuinely useful tools, targeted content to users generates enthusiasm,  advocacy and use. A Crafted solution gives your employees the tools they need to do their job, while allowing you to effectively connect with your employees company-wide. 

Why appoint us?

Bold creative solutions

informed by data and insight.

Solving your business challenges

with inspiring, intuitive design.

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It’s great to work with an agency that understands our business and, most importantly for this project, our staff’s needs. Our iWave intranet has been met by an enthusiastic response from teams within our HQ and drivers on the road, and that's thanks in no small part to Crafted’s hard work to produce a technically sophisticated and user-friendly system that exactly meets the requirements of our brief. Tim Goddard
Director IT and HR - Maritime Transport

The UK’s largest privately owned container transport operator