Interface design

Positive brand reinforcement stems from a great first impression. We design intuitive user interfaces based on the requirements and functionality your customers demand every single day.

The user interface of your website, app, or software is often a prospective customer's first experience of your brand. That experience is based on more than just look and feel.

Effective user interfaces allow users to focus on the tasks they need to complete, not the tools they are using. Our designers work closely with our insights team to make design decisions based on behavioural data and user feedback, rather than simply on aesthetics. They design with functionality, user behaviour and content positioning firmly in mind, presenting your customers with a stunning and easy-to-use interface that drives conversions.


Our design process begins with a workshop where we work collaboratively with your key stakeholders to define a user interface that accomplishes profitable user goals as simply and efficiently as possible.


It can be easy to get engrossed by the visual elements of an interface, but if this comes at the expense of usability, the end solution will not be fit for purpose. Our design team takes a different approach, building wireframes that focus on the functionality of each page and the tasks that users need to carry out, before examining aesthetics. Our proven techniques deliver effective user interfaces that generate the best results for brands.  

User journeys

We scrutinise every user journey to ensure the best customer experience. Our user-centred design techniques embrace simplicity, using clear and direct conversion funnels that encourage users to take action, generating a healthier ROI overall.

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Crafted has created a robust and intuitive platform that integrates with our existing software and has the ability to adapt as our business needs and those of our clients change. The interface has already been rolled out across two territories as part of an ongoing phased global release. David Johnson
Director Solutions Management, MSX International

Global strategic solutions for the automotive industry, across 80 countries and 5,500 employees