Visual Identity

Your identity is much more than just a logo, it’s the way you present your business to the world. It needs to be right, every time.

Customers buy into brands and first impressions count. They need to feel a connection with your business, something that makes them choose you over your competitors. Our job is to distill business culture into an irresistible brand that builds loyalty and advocacy. 

More than a logo!

Your identity is an all-encompassing approach, the way you present yourself to the world and it should permeate through everything you do. We define a visual style, creating a framework that provides consistency without constraining creativity.

Brand refresh

Sometimes your identity can lose its potency, needing a guiding hand to bring it back in line with your business, your customers and your competitors. Discarding the value and recognition in your existing identity should never be taken lightly. We take what works, discard what doesn’t, creating a new framework to reinvigorate your business. 

Why appoint us?

Bold creative solutions

informed by data and insight.

Solving your business challenges

with inspiring, intuitive design.

Build your identity

to stay ahead of the competition

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Working with Crafted has been a joy, and the team are very efficient as well as being very knowledgeable - their expertise shone through. Once the website was built and ready to go live, the process was fully planned out (as was the training) and this meant it went without a hitch – the smoothest website launch I’ve ever had and I’ve worked on a few! The team were on hand throughout to respond to any issues and their support has been fantastic ever since. Steffi Dry
Marketing Manager - Lifehouse Spa & Hotel

Contemporary award-winning Spa, set in 12-acres of historic gardens in the Essex Countryside