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120% increase in online donations.

Using learnings to support the Afghan Crisis Appeal.

Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has long had a presence in Afghanistan, but now, their help is needed more than ever. The struggling healthcare system is at breaking point after years of instability, lack of funding and conflict.

While international aid for Afghanistan has been withdrawn, life goes on, meaning the need for medical help is more acute. MSF UK is one of the few international medical charities working in Afghanistan in part because they have no political affiliation and go where the need is greatest.

As they are independently funded, they can act fast: when other organisations left or had funding cut after the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA, also known as the Taliban) takeover, MSF continued saving lives. This work would not be possible without public donations, which is where this campaign came in.

Having worked with the MSF UK team on five previous appeals, this activity was the culmination of all learnings, insight, experience and knowledge, resulting in the most technical and creatively strong campaign MSF UK has run to date.

Campaign KPIs

  • Increase awareness of MSF and their support in Afghanistan
  • Drive paid advertising donations to support the overall target of £1.2 million

What we did

The campaign spanned a full funnel strategy from awareness to retargeting, running across DRTV, Press, Radio, Podcasts, Direct Mail, Email, Influencer Marketing, Display, Video, Social, and Search. All agencies involved utilised the same in-house designed creative and messaging to ensure consistency across channels. The digital fundraising element of the campaign was designed to capture every bit of awareness from all channels and convert it into donations.

Creative content was curated from the best performing formats in previous campaigns, allowing us to start the campaign off on an informed grounding.

To reduce reliance on a small pool of channels and ensure maximum reach for every campaign, we introduce and expand channels to gather new learnings. For this campaign, we introduced Nextdoor, a neighbourhood-based social platform focused on community, engagement and trust and expanded Connected TV due to its growing popularity and to target younger demographics that no longer consume traditional TV.

Overall, the effectiveness of this campaign helped drive more than double the number of donations targeted.

Making a difference

The money raised from digital channels alone could pay for 8,721 surgeries, wound dressings for 462,985 people or over 1.4 million tetanus vaccines to protect pregnant women and their babies.

Introduction of new activity meant digital outperformed expectations, hitting the overall donation target of £1.2 million using paid channels alone. The campaign broke targets within the first two weeks and directly contributed to MSF UK’s best month recorded for donations through the website, with revenue from digital activity outperforming December 2020 by 120%.

Most importantly, the money raised from this campaign goes towards saving lives.

If you would like to find out more about MSF UK’s work in Afghanistan, you can read more on the mission on their website:

The results.
Surpassing targets.
£1.2 million raised through digital donations alone
Outperforming expectations.
Digital activity outperformed December 2020 by 120%
Raising awareness.
1.8 million video views, 139 million impressions and 139,000 clicks
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