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Driving Summer footfall with digital.

FS Group is a family business that creates wonderful, local brands for people to treat themselves on holiday. It operates in Jersey, the Isle of Wight, the UK mainland and the Canary Islands.

After investing heavily in offline channels, FS Group wished to explore digital opportunities. Crafted was challenged to drive customers into physical shop locations and, in doing so, prove the true value of digital.

We couldn’t just target people in a specific location, that would have been a waste of adspend (and we’re not into that). We needed to reach holidaymakers in, or planning to visit, each location using a mix of messaging and audience insights.

The approach.

Starting with little initial data, we used ad delivery statistics and in-store metrics from the client to build our dataset and evolve the campaign over time.

Geographic targeting was tightly controlled, we made use of Facebook’s “people travelling in this location” and aimed to reach the target audience of travellers in each area. Behaviour modifiers helped us to identify tourists and people in the market to travel abroad.

Crafted image

Creating dynamic landing pages for each shop location, channel and targeting type gave us complete control over the user experience. A live dashboard using Google Sheets and Supermetrics brought together retail location data with online delivery and engagement metrics, so everything was instantly accessible throughout the campaign.

Crafted image

Each location had a slightly different offering, some were more retail focused, others were more about the experience. Vouchers for free refreshments were trialled alongside vouchers for in-store transactions to get the best engagement. Rainy day messaging was also used which focused on the indoor experience element.

Crafted ran a well-structured, well-managed campaign and were approachable, communicative and adaptable throughout. Weekly meetings with them helped put in place measured adjustments to maximise our return on investment. We have also been able to apply what we learned about strategy to future marketing plans. Crafted has given FS Group excellent support and focus, as we forge ahead into the digital market.

Lucy Buckland, FS Group
The initial results.
Reaching more customers.
Over 5 million impressions delivered
Creating future engagement.
Over 500 new Facebook page likes
Increased traffic.
Over 16,000 clicks through to the site
Driving footfall.
Over 400 vouchers redeemed in-store