Digitally Crafted: latest digital marketing round-up

26/09/2014, By Crafted In this week’s round-up of the most important talking points in the world of digital marketing we learn that Google is continuing to pinpoint sites using private blog networks by hitting them with manual action ranking penalties; Google Authorship ceases for organic search results; Apple aborts its botched iOS8 update; and Waitrose, Starbucks and Cadbury join the fledgling group of advertisers on Instagram’s social channel.

Organic search marketing

Google targets sites using private blog networks with manual action ranking penalties
Google has reportedly taken action on sites participating in private blog networks, also known as PBNs. Last week, Google distributed widespread manual action notices via Google Webmaster Tools to these sites, singling them out for “thin content” spam. Google considers thin content to be search spam and has a page in their webmaster guidelines explaining they can take action on any such content. Read more

Google ends Authorship for search results
Google has officially dropped Authorship bylines from within its search results. After two years of encouraging webmasters to add Authorship to their pages, Google appears to have dropped the feature cold. John Mueller of Google confirmed the search giant feels Authorship information is “not as useful to our users as we’d hoped and can even distract those from [search] results”. Read more

Social media

Net-a-Porter, Vice, Facebook and more sign up as launch brands for new ‘LinkedIn for creatives’ platform
Over 13,000 brands including Net-a-Porter, Vice, Facebook and the BBC have already signed up to a new creative networking platform, positioned as the ‘LinkedIn for creatives’. The Dots, which launched in the UK today, will aim to help creative individuals and companies showcase their work, network, collaborate and connect with commercial opportunities. Read more

Waitrose, Starbucks and Cadbury among the first advertisers on Instagram
Instagram has partnered with Omnicom Media Group to roll out ads in users’ Instagram feeds. Sponsored videos and photos will now appear in the app’s main feed, identified by a sponsored label – but otherwise similar to other photos and videos users see in their feed. Waitrose, Cadbury and Starbucks are just three of the leading brands to sign up to the new ad service, which went live on Tuesday. Read more

Pinterest Ad Plans include audience targeting and conversion tracking
Pinterest’s advertising plans, further teased late last Friday when the company announced it would update its privacy policy on October 19th, became somewhat clearer today. The social bookmarking site will offer advertisers the ability to target consumers in their database with ads on Pinterest. The company is also building a tool to provide advertisers with insight into whether clicks from Promoted Pins lead to purchases on businesses’ e-commerce sites. Read more


Fortnum & Mason, KPMG, Metro Bank and West Ham snap up .London domains
Newly launched domain name, .London has seen over 40,000 domain names registered with both UK and overseas businesses, according to the latest figures. Over 15 per cent of the 40,000 .London domain names registered through came from outside the UK. UK firms that have already registered the new domain include Fortnum & Mason, KPMG, Metro Bank and West Ham United. Read more


Apple aborts botched iOS8 update
Apple is facing fresh criticism this week after it was forced to abort the roll-out of its latest iOS8 software amid reports that the buggy software was corrupting users’ phones. Reports have been circulating that iPhone 6 owners who had downloaded the software update were subsequently unable to make calls from their devices or activate the built-in Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Read more

Google Now lets travellers know when flight prices drop
Google is helping travellers save money with a new Now card that tells users when a price has dropped on a flight. According to a latest Google+ post, you can tap the card to display the Flight Search info and book your trip direct from there. It only works if you’ve searched Google Flights on the most recent version of Google’s Android app, and if you’re in the US. It’s not yet known when this functionality will be rolled out into the UK. Read more


#Bendgate scandal sees iPhone 6 spoofed by Twitter for permanently bending in owners’ pockets
Apple always claimed its products were ahead of the curve – unfortunately for them, the new iPhone 6 Plus also seems to be curving under the strain of fitting inside their owners’ pockets. Earlier this week, social media users began to complain how flimsy the iPhone 6’s 5.5” screen display was proving to be as Apple customers who picked up the technology firm’s flagship smartphone last week reported that the devices were bending in their pockets. Read more

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