Digitally Crafted: the week's digital marketing round-up

22/08/2014, By Crafted In this week’s round-up of the most important talking points in the world of digital marketing we learn that Google has made 890 improvements to Google Search in the last 12 months, Twitter is starting to add tweets from those you don’t follow to your timeline, and Google has unveiled Website Call Conversions – a new conversion type which tracks phone calls that happen after a user lands on a website from an AdWords ad.

Organic search marketing

Google made 890 improvements to search in the last 12 months
In a recent Google+ post from Google head of search, Amit Singhal claimed that the search giant has made “more than 890 improvements to Google search last year alone”. These search specific improvements, but they go well beyond algorithms. Improvements include user interface changes, auto-complete, Google Now and much more. Read more

Google Now offers alternative flights on delayed or cancelled flights
The Android Community has discovered two new features added to Google Now this week. The primary feature is that Google will now suggest alternative flights or options when your flight is delayed or cancelled. If Google detects your flight is delayed or cancelled, Google “can suggest alternate routes or flights from other airlines that will eventually get you where you need to go,” says Ida Torres from the Android Community. Read more

Paid search marketing

Google lets advertisers track phone calls generated from websites
In its latest move to prove the value of its AdWords advertising platform, Google has unveiled a new Website Call Conversions feature which tracks phone calls that happen after a user lands on a website from a Pay-per-Click AdWords ad. By adding code to their sites, advertisers and webmasters can track whether calls are made by users who click on a phone number or dial the number from their phones. Read more


One-in-three smartphone owners ‘uninterested’ in mobile apps
Demand for smartphone apps appears to be waning, with the average number of apps downloaded per user per month declining considerably in the last 12 months. That’s according to a new report by Deloitte which also found that one-in-three (31 per cent) of smartphone users in the UK don’t download any apps on their device in a typical month. The report also found that almost 90 per cent of users surveyed never pay for apps or smartphone content, indicating that the appetite for paid apps is even less. Read more

Consumers increasingly turn to mobile and varied media combinations in ‘Last Mile Advertising’
The Local Search Association released an infographic based on 2013 statistics from an annual “Local Media Tracking Study”, carried out by Burke, Inc. It provides key insights into the reach of various local media sources across computer/laptop, mobile/smartphone and netbook/tablet. The infographic highlights data showing that consumers are increasingly turning to mobile devices when seeking, discovering or considering local business information. Read more

Social media

Twitter adds tweets from those you don’t follow to your timeline
Twitter has updated its definition of timelines so that content that’s popular or might be of interest will be shared on a user’s timeline. The micro-blogging giant has claimed its goal “is to make your home timeline even more relevant and interesting”. Read more

Facebook rolls out satire tag to stop users believing parody stories
Facebook is testing a new satire tag on news posts to inform users when they’re reading parody content from sites like the Onion and Newsthump. In a bid to separate fake news stories from real ones, the Facebook trial will see some users testing a labelling system informing them when content is intended to be humorous and not taken seriously. Read more

Vine allows users to upload videos made with other apps
Twitter’s video-sharing service, Vine has expanded the options to its users, allowing them to upload from the camera roll for the first time. Vine will also allow users to upload video clips created elsewhere, as part of a series of changes to the app designed to make it even easier to shoot and share a six-second video. This week’s change is the first time the app has officially supported the ability to upload videos made elsewhere. Read more

Snapchat ‘to become self-destructing news service’
Snapchat is exploring the possibility of adding television and film clips alongside news articles and adverts in its new service, Snapchat Discovery, according to sources. At least 12 media companies including newspapers, broadcasters and magazines are reported to have held meetings with Snapchat to discuss providing content. It’s not yet known whether Snapchat Discovery will be a facet of the existing app or launched as a standalone product. Read more

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