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01/08/2014, By Crafted In this week’s round-up of the most important talking points in the world of digital marketing we learn that Yahoo’s overall search share has now fallen below 10 per cent, Google Analytics introduces bot and spider filtering, Facebook directs users to download its new Messenger app and product ratings and reviews are finally being rolled out on Google Product Listing Ads.

Search marketing

Google Analytics adds bot and spider filtering
For those looking for a simpler way to count traffic and activity on their website, Google Analytics havsannounced the addition of bot and spider filtering. The new checkbox can be found by going into the Admin panel and clicking “View Settings”. Read more

Yahoo’s search share drops below 10%
New data from comScore on the search industry shows that Yahoo’s search share has fallen below 10% for the first time ever. Industry experts previously predicted that new CEO, Marissa Meyer would herald a new era for the search engine, but since her arrival almost everything has been on the decline. Read more

Social media

LinkedIn gives mobile profiles slick new duds and a streamlined look
A whole new look has arrived on LinkedIn mobile that adds flair to profiles while bringing important information above the fold for quick consumption. Code-named ‘Blue Steel’ internally, the update is geared to simplify and beautify the mobile experience. Read more

Facebook discontinues mobile chat feature, directing users to download its Messenger app
Facebook has removed the chat feature from its Android and iOS apps instead opting to prompt smartphone users to download its standalone Facebook Messenger app. The site’s plan to outsource its chat service will be fully implemented this week, despite complaints from the public questioning the legitimate need to move the features. Read more

Instagram unveils new service Bolt – but only in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa
The new “one tap picture messaging” app from Instagram, Bolt, has been launched but only in a select few countries. Rolling out in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa, users will be able to send a photo or video to a friend, which is then deleted after it’s sent. Read more


Mobile makes up only 6.51% of retargeted news feed ads, yet drives 8.25% of clicks
Mobile adoption within the Facebook user base is booming. When retargeting powerhouse AdRoll began crunching data from its Facebook advertisers, mobile grew from 0% of impressions on the News Feed and grew to 6.51% of all News Feed insertions. That click rate is much higher, as well, with 8.25% of the retargeted News Feed clicks coming from mobile. Read more

Online privacy

UK House of Lords condemns right to be forgotten
The House of Lords in the UK has condemned the European Right to Be Forgotten (RTBF) as “unreasonable, unworkable and wrong.” The Lords were critical because it doesn’t take into account the impact on smaller search engines that don’t have the resources of Google, and engines shouldn’t be left to interpret the rules for themselves. Read more

Paid search marketing

Ratings come to Google Product Listing Ads in the U.S.
Spotted in a test back in May, product ratings and reviews are officially rolling out on Google Product Listing Ads as of this week – just weeks ahead of the full transition to Shopping Campaigns. Available only in the U.S. for now, consumers will begin to see the 5-star rating system appear on PLAs on Google Search and Google Shopping. Read more


Driverless cars to appear on UK streets from 2015
Futuristic driverless cars will make their debut on Britain’s road network from January with government ministers set to give the go-ahead for the technology later today with a formal amendment to the Highway Code. The changes mean the automotive and technology industries can proceed with real world trials of vehicles which do not require the input of a human driver, relying instead on an on-board computer and GPS. Read more

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